Why Study, Why Piraeus?

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  • Why Study, Why Piraeus?

Because shipping is one of the most important sectors in the global economy, and Greece is the world’s largest shipping nation holding 16,3% of the global fleet seconded by much bigger nations like Japan (12,78%), China (8,87%) and Germany (6,65%). This Greek shipping “miracle” or “power” (as it is used to be referred to) operates some 5.200 vessels summing up to 362 million DWT of an average vessel age of 12 years. Since the mythical expedition of the Argonauts up to today, Greek seafarers and ship owners have not ceased to sail the seas and the oceans carrying out peaceful trade and scientific research. Shipping is a tradition in Greece, so there has always been a pool of capable and highly motivated people to man the ships. 

Also, it has always been the most viable enterprise for all the adventurous and entrepreneurial people. The management of the Greek shipping companies is a unique skill as it has always been on a personal and family basis. From the most successful magnates to the smallest ship owner, they are able to operate by excellently networking, by employing capable and talented people, by cleverly attracting funds from sources outside the classic corporate and investment banking structure, and by offering second to none services. 694 companies in Greece and some thousands abroad and 200.000 employees are eager to give you a chance of joining this big and vivid community. Piraeus, the capital city of Greek shipping is waiting for you.