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  • London Educational Visit 2024 – Miller Insurance Services & London P&I Club

London Educational Visit 2024 – Miller Insurance Services & London P&I Club

London Trip/ Cohort’s log/ Day 2

Day 2 of our London field trip started with a visit to Miller Insurance Services LLP offices in the City of London for the MSc in Shipping Management, University of Piraeus students and faculty members. This exceptional opportunity brought together our team with Miller Insurance Services LLP executive management and enabled insightful overviews of the insurance sector.

The session commenced with a brief introduction to Miller Insurance Services LLP company and its pivotal role in the insurance industry. An overview of the claims process and an exploration of the London market within the global context were covered then after, offering all of us a detailed understanding of the industry’s landscape.

Finally, we were privileged on engaging in productive dialogues and over a cup of coffee chats with Miller Insurance Services LLP management team. These interactions allowed us to glean unique perspectives, exchange ideas, and deepen our understanding of the dynamic landscape of insurance and maritime sectors.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Miller Insurance Services LLP and especially Anthony Burnell-Nugent, Phil Wheeler, Stewart Lawrence, and Peter Townsend for the warm welcome and for generously sharing their expertise, facilitating a rewarding experience for our students.

London Trip/ Cohort’s log/ Day 2/2

London P&I Club

Our London adventure continued on Day 2 with a visit to the -very well-known to us- London P&I Club’s central offices where, after a friendly welcome of our cohort from the London team, we were given a brief presentation on its leading role in the maritime industry.

Soon after, the Club’s officers, Mr. Ian Carter and Mr. Simon Chapman provided us with insight from distinct case studies and the way the Club handles the cases with consideration to its member’s interests and with deep respect to the ESG principles.

The first case regards Containers’ accidents and the pollution that may occur from bagged nurdles inside containers. A specific case was presented, and the efforts organized by the Club to minimize environmental impact were discussed with technical and legal considerations.

The second day also featured a discussion on salvage operations, and we were introduced to the concerns on the decline in use of Lloyds’ Open Forms (LOF) salvage contracts and the effort put to convince parties involved to use it more in the future for the benefit of the environment.

Finally, further expanding our knowledge of the role of P&I Clubs, Mrs. Annie Stow representing the International Group of P&I Clubs, explained IG functions within the maritime insurance
landscape. This additional layer of insight allowed us to appreciate the collaborative efforts and risk-sharing mechanisms that the International Group employs to support the maritime industry.

Just like every other day, our interactions continued beyond formal sessions by taking the opportunity offered to network over coffee with P&I management and staff and take their valuable views and insights on the P&I, FD&D, and War risks.

A big thank you to the London P&I Club for their warm welcome and insightful discussions. A farewell and calm seas to Mr. Steve Roberts, Who retires this year and who was of great assistance to us all for the past 6 years.