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  • Geopolitical Competition, Leadership & Alliances: Geopolitics of Energy Seminar

Geopolitical Competition, Leadership & Alliances: Geopolitics of Energy Seminar

The 2-day seminar titled ‘Geopolitical Competition, Leadership & Alliances: Geopolitics of Energy’ concluded successfully yesterday at the University of Piraeus. The incorporation of viewpoints from economic/business and maritime studies provided students with a thorough grasp of the intricate dynamics at work in the shipping sector.

Given the substantial influence of geopolitical variables on the global shipping and energy industries, the topic choice-which focuses on the geopolitics of energy particularly important. Given their expertise in the subject, professors Th. Platias and K. Botsiou undoubtedly added to the students’ knowledge base by offering insightful explanations of the backdrop of geopolitics, alliances, and leadership.

The seminar promoted insightful discussions and valuable viewpoint exchanges for both attendees and contributors. This kind of interdisciplinary approach fosters a collaborative and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter in addition to improving the educational experience for the students.

A dedication to provide students a well-rounded education that incorporates a variety of subjects is shown in the creation of alliances between academic departments. This integrated approach will undoubtedly serve to help students better prepare for the challenges that they might experience in the shipping sector, where success depends on having a comprehensive understanding.

Our deepest appreciation to Professor Athanasios Platias and Professor Konstantina Botsiou, for their contribution to our MSc in Shipping Management curriculum activities.