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  • «Energy Efficiency Management in Shipping» & «Decarbonization Pathways» Seminar

«Energy Efficiency Management in Shipping» & «Decarbonization Pathways» Seminar

Within the educational framework of our “Seminar Series” from the Industry of the MSc in Shipping Management, we were delighted to host Dr. Konstantinos Rokkos, Chairman & CEO TST International S.A., who delivered two lectures on «Energy Efficiency Management in Shipping» on the 7th of March & «Decarbonization Pathways» on the 19th of March.

Following a brief introduction to the energy efficiency regulations and how shipping companies have adapted on both operational and technical management levels, our students were introduced to the fundamentals of implementing energy efficiency management policies in the shipping sector.
Following, Dr. Rokkos provided an in-depth analysis of decarbonization trends, exploring potential fuels, technologies, and key pathways into the new era of decarbonization.

Both our students and Dr. Rokkos have enjoyed the interaction and they have engaged in vibrant discussions and views sharing.
Thank you Dr. Rokos for your valuable contribution to the M.Sc in Shipping Management curriculum of activities.