We happily announce that our MSc in Shipping Management’ educational program continues with a visit to Almi Tankers S.A. of Fostiropoulos’ family.

There we have had the pleasure and the honor of attending an excellent and in-depth presentation from the owner Mr. Michalis Fostiropoulos on how his family, his team and himself have analyzed the market, have decided on the investment, have financed an almost 1 bn project and have put a fleet of state-of-the-art tankers to sea.

We were impressed by the owner’s hospitality and great care to our team as well as for he has spent 4 hours almost without break and without resting or sitting for all that time explaining theories of excellence and applications of his company success.

An inspiring dialogue with our students and faculty members on the issues of establishing and running a Human centered company followed.

Thank you Almi Tankers S.A., thank you Mr. Fostiropoulos and thank you Captain Stylianos Dimouleas for arranging for us such a great event.